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Certified Translation Dusseldorf

Document translation services

Legal & Certified Translations

At our certified translation agency, legal and court translators provide certified translations of official documents such as degree certificates, marriage certificates, birth certificates or contracts as well as legal texts for day-to-day business.

Documents for Business & Marketing

As a translation service provider with many years of experience, we have been supporting clients from industry, retail and marketing for many years in the translation of brochures, websites, product catalogues, technical documentation or financial documents.

Translators for medicine & research

Another specialisation of FÜD is the translation of scientific papers for research institutes in engineering, the medicine, the pharma sector, natural & social sciences as well as for college and university administration.

German translators Dusseldorf

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Certified German translations from English, French, Spanish...

Are you looking for a German translation service in Dusseldorf? Do you need a certified translation into English, German, French or another language or would you like to have a legal, medical or technical text translated? Our translation company Dusseldorf employs 22 translators and interpreters locally alone, who are always at your disposal. You can also book our translation service Dusseldorf for express translations.

In addition to private clients and institutions, the target group of Fachübersetzungsdienst GmbH primarily includes companies based in Düsseldorf, such as L'Oréal, Komatsu Mining, Air Liquide, Nikon, Vodafone, Metro AG, EON, Henkel, E-Plus, Qiagen, Vossloh AG and the ERGO insurance group. We have also carried out translations for the Heinrich Heine University, the Dominikus Hospital and the Jobcenter Düsseldorf.


In addition to professional translations, our translation agency also offers text corrections and DTP services to prepare your translations for later printing. Our translation bureau in Dusseldorf handles the languages German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese.


On the other hand, our team also includes translators for Scandinavian languages such as Danish, Finnish, Swedish or Norwegian, as well as for Eastern European languages such as Russian, Polish, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Serbian, Slovenian, Albanian, Turkish or Greek.


The translation of Asian languages completes our portfolio. This includes translations into Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Korean, Arabic or Hebrew. Other languages or dialects, such as translators for British English or American English, can be requested from our customer service.

Translation Company Dusseldorf

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More about our translation services in Dusseldorf

If you require a certified translation and have also been requested to prove the authenticity of your documents in advance by means of an apostille, this can be done at Bürgerbüro Düsseldorf, Willi-Becker-Allee 7 in 40227 Dusseldorf. The appendix attached there in the form of a stamp will then also be translated into the language of your choice by our certified translators. Alternatively, you can also contact any local or district court, for example at Werdener Str. 1, 40227 Dusseldorf, which will also issue this certificate of authenticity.

Express translations in Dusseldorf

Regarding a possible express translation, in the event of the language combination English to German, we would like to ask you to arrange a possible delivery date in advance with our customer service, as this is the language combination that is most in demand. The same currently applies to the French-German translation and the Spanish-German translation.

The city of our Dusseldorf translators

The city of our Düsseldorf translators is one of the most important economic and political centres in Germany, the so-called 'Big Five', along with Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. According to Mercer studies, Düsseldorf regularly achieves the best ratings in international comparisons. The city scores particularly well in the area of 'quality of life'.

Düsseldorf is divided into 49 districts and 10 boroughs. The population density is 2710 inhabitants per square kilometre. The city of Düsseldorf lies almost entirely on the right bank of the Rhine. Only the districts of Lörick, Oberkassel, Niederkassel and Heerdt lie on the left side of the Rhine.