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Certified Polish Translations: Bridging Cultures

As an experienced translation service provider for the Polish language, our Polish translators work on texts, documents and deeds for numerous fields of application in industry & technology, medicine & research as well as for the legal sector. In addition to translations for business customers and institutions, our Polish translation company also offers certified translations by sworn Polish translators. All we need is a scan of the relevant documents by e-mail in order to send you a free quotation. Simply contact our customer service and let us advise you on any open questions.


Do you need a certified translation Polish-German or English-Polish of official documents such as a school certificate, marriage certificate or birth certificate by a certified translator? Would you like to have a technical translation of operating instructions or a user manual edited by an Polish translator? We would be more than pleased to assist you!


Our translation service also offers the translation of scientific papers as well as documents from the fields of medicine, medical technology and pharmaceuticals. Polish translations of documents from tourism, marketing or finances, such as the translation of balance sheets, brochures, catalogs or websites, are also part of our expertise. Simply send us your files for a quote.

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Legal translations round off our portfolio. Do you need the translation of a contract, divorce decree, business report or do you want to have your general terms and conditions translated into Polish? Our ISO-certified translation agency will convince you with a professional Polish translation for which we offer a quality guarantee.

Polish to German & more

In our translation service, a multi-level quality management system in accordance with ISO 17100 ensures linguistically and interpretatively precise Polish translations with short turnaround times. This includes both customized project management, which meets the requirements of your translation project in all aspects, and a careful selection of our more than 50 Polish translators, who are assigned according to their area of specialization. A final proofreading by a second translator rounds off every translation process. If you are required to submit your documents for translation in the original, our Polish translation agency is at your disposal in more that 100 cities worldwide.

The language of our Polish translators

Worth knowing: The language of our Polish translators belongs to the West Slavic languages. However, the formerly multifaceted Polish dialects have become increasingly weakened in the course of the land and population shifts caused by the Second World War. Only Silesia in the south-west and Goralic in the south of Poland, on the border with Slovakia, still have a strong local dialect. In northern Poland, Kashubian is still spoken, but according to the latest linguistic findings, it is categorized as a language in its own right and is no longer considered a Polish dialect.

Polish Document Translation Services

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Divorce Decree
  • Wedding Certificate
  • Unmarried certificate
  • Death Certificate
  • Testament, Last Will
  • Driving licence
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Certificate of descent
  • School Certificate
  • Other offical Documents
  • Contract
  • Patent
  • Balance Sheet
  • Business Report
  • Annual Report
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Verdict
  • Penalty order
  • Trade register extract
  • Financial document
  • Indictment
  • Expert report
  • Website
  • Online shop
  • Software
  • Games
  • IT texts
  • Source code
  • Meta tags
  • User manual
  • Instructions for use
  • Technical manual
  • Maintenance manual
  • Technical texts
  • Findings
  • Diagnosis
  • Clinical trial
  • Medical records
  • Medical literature
  • PhD-Thesis
  • Postdoctoral studies
  • Master thesis
  • Bachelor thesis
  • Marketing texts
  • Product marketing
  • Book translations